Sadegh Tabrizi was born in 1939, Tehran, Iran. He studied miniature painting at secondary school and worked in the ceramic workshop of the Administrative Office of Fine Arts. He graduated from The College of Fine Art, Tehran, Iran in 1964, where he studied with fellow artists Massoud Arabshahi, Faramarz Pilaram, Mansour Ghandriz, and Hossein Zenderoudi.

Sadegh Tabrizi was one of the founders of the ‘Saqqakhaneh School’, a group of artists that worked individually but were united in their exploration of Persian heritage as a key source of inspiration (other artists who pioneered this approach include Parviz Tanavoli, Pilaram, Arabashahi and Zenderoudi).


Sadegh Tabrizi displayed his art in numerous national and international galleries and exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, USA and Australia.

Sadegh Tabrizi’s works are part of the collections at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, permannent collection at Henan Museum in beijing, China, the Abby Grey Foundation, USA, and many other public and private collections around the world.

2012 "Farewell Exhibition", Gallery 8, (solo exhibition) London, UK
2008 Creek Art Fair, Dubai
2008 Galleries Artitude, Paris, France
2004 ARTSingapore 2004, Singapore
2004 Sydney Art Fair, East and West Art, Australia
2004 Melbourne Art Fair, East and West Art, Australia
2003 Sydney Art Fair, East and West Art, Australia
2001 ARTSingapore Expo, Singapore

International Trade Center, Washington, D.C.


CIMA Art Gallery, New York


International Art Expo, New York


Melbourne Art Fair, Australia


East and West Art, Melbourne, Australia

1999 China Art Expo, Beijing, China
1997 China Art Expo, Beijing, China
1995 Seyhon Gallery (solo exhibition), Tehran

Columbia University (solo exhibition), New York


Hotel Beverly Hilton (solo exhibition), Los Angeles, California

1992 Tee Room (solo exhibition), Irvine, California
1991 "The South of the World," International Art Exhibition,
Contemporary Art Museum, Marcela, Italy
1990 Hill Gallery, London
1982 Restigush Gallery (solo exhibition), Canada

Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran


International Art Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland

1977 Arte Fearra, Bologna, Italy
1974 International Art Exhibition, Tehran

Seyhon Gallery (solo exhibition), Tehran


Bengeston Gallery (solo exhibition), Stockholm

1972 Sirous Gallery (one man show), Paris
1970 Burgese Gallery (solo exhibition), Tehran
1968 Columbia University, New York
1967 International Art Exhibition, Basel
1965 Iran-American Society, Tehran

Burgese Gallery, Tehran


Talar-e Iran, Tehran

1962 International Ceramic Exhibition, Prague

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